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Could 2024 Bring a Housing Rebound?

Could 2024 Bring a Housing Rebound?

After another year of tight inventory and high rates, the housing market is showing positive movement.

November and December saw steady drops to 30-year fixed mortgage rates. 6.61% for the week ending December 28, 2023. Lowest average since May 2023. Down more than one percentage point from October. November listings reached highest level in nearly a year. Up 1.3% Month over Month, seasonally adjusted. Total active listings saw largest increase since July 2022. Up 3.9% Month over Month. November Existing-Home Sales up 0.8% Month over Month, seasonally adjusted. First increase in 5 months.

The end of the year saw an uptick in mortgage activity ahead of the holidays.

Mortgage applications increased the first week of December. Up 7.4% Week over Week, seasonally adjusted. The refinance share of mortgage activity increased. 39.2% of total applications. Refinance Index: up 19% Week over Week, up 27% Year over Year. Construction activity also climbed. Housing starts in November hit 1.56 million. Up 14.8% Month over Month up 9.3% Year over Year. Single-family housing starts in November rose 18% Month over Month to 1.14 million.

Lower rates and increased inventory point towards improved affordability and steady home sales.

Momentum is expected to continue in 2024. Redfin Forecast: 4.3 million home sales, up 5% Year over Year, Home prices decrease 1%. Forecast: 4 million home sales, up 0.1% Year over Year, Home prices decrease 1.7%. National Association of Realtors® Forecast 4.71 million home sales, up 13.5% Year over Year, Home prices remain largely unchanged. Fannie Mae projects mortgage rates to settle around 5.7% in 2024.

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