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Set Realistic Client Expectations

Elevate Your Customer Experience: Part 6 - Set Realistic Client Expectations

Your customer’s definition of success is about more than just achieving a singular goal; it’s about helping them make informed decisions that align with their long-term satisfaction. But what if your customer comes to you with an unrealistic goal? As a professional who is dedicated to customer experience, you may have to help them adjust their expectations. You should advise them on their best, most realistic options.

If you’re concerned they’re taking on more house than they can afford, float the idea of a starter house that will position them to upgrade in a few years, and explain the long-term benefit of building equity with this alternative. Or you may have to let them know that it might be better to pause their search while they build a bigger down payment. While their definition of success may not yield immediate benefit to you, it could pay off in a bigger sale or more referrals down the line.

Keep in mind that your ultimate goal goes beyond simply making a sale. It involves guiding your clients toward achievable options and setting them up for future success. Your ability to identify and put your customer’s best interest before yours is what will make you a long-term, trusted partner.



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