Healthier Market Ahead for Homebuyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 14, 2019


Home Affordability Improves


The impact of Brexit on world economics is expected to be felt even in the U.S., including in the housing market.


Data suggests that Soft- to No-Brexit scenarios are little cause for concern, while a Hard Brexit or No Deal could impact employment and homebuyer confidence, which may negatively impact homebuying.



No Brexit  = UK remains a part of the EU

Customs Union = Brexit with Prime Minister Theresa May’s originally-proposed deal

Soft Brexit = UK keeps close ties with EU; soft border between Ireland and Northern Ireland 

Hard Brexit = UK leaves EU, Single Market, and Customs Union; hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

No Deal = UK reverts to trade rules governed by World Trade Organization; hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland


Millennials Are Refinancing Already?[4]


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