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Housing Inventory Slowly Bounces Back [INFOGRAPHIC]

From August to September, listings increased 0.4% — a positive sign, as listings normally decrease in the fall.

Higher-priced homes see even more relief, with listings up 10% YoY.


A moderation in prices makes homeownership more affordable for buyers

In July, the nation’s delinquency rate was 4.1%

(Down 4.7% from the year prior, and the lowest level in 12 years!


More employed people means more eligible buyers for the housing market.


Homeowners gained an average of $12.3k in equity in Q2 over 2017.

That’s $980.9 billion in equity!

As housing inventory rises and price growth slows, it will bring more buyers into the market. Are you ready? Talk to me about how we can strengthen our relationship to prepare for the changes ahead.


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