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Checking In To Say Hello!

We've been partners for a while now, and I think it's a good time to check in with each other and see how our relationship is helping each of us reach our business goals. There is a variety of questions we can review to take stock of how we are working together and whether we can make changes and improvements.

  • Are you happy with the marketing strategies you have in place to build your brand and expand your client base?

  • How are you educating your prospective buyers on the homebuying process and what they can expect on the path to homeownership?

  • Are you following up regularly with past clients and making requests for referrals?

These are all items I can help you with through our partnership. A check-in to gauge our satisfaction and share ideas can only help us continue to support one another and make our partnership — and our individual businesses — stronger.


Let's grab a coffee and talk about more ways we can help each other succeed and grow!

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