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Following Up: The Key to Repeat Business

Working with today's homebuyer can be a little different than working with previous generations, but one thing is still very true: Communication should not end at the closing table.

The process of buying a home is still basically the same as it's been for years, but the attitude of today's homebuyers has changed. They're looking for a much more connected experience, and in order to keep our businesses thriving, we need to keep up.

Keeping in Touch Helps You Keep Your Customers

Continuing to communicate post-closing is key to retaining past clients. In fact, 52% of homebuyers who receive a follow-up call after closing say they are very likely to reach out to the same real estate professional again when they're ready to buy another home.* I have access to automated tools that ensure we follow through with every client, including co-branded post-close thank you emails and follow-up call reminders.

In addition, I continue to keep in touch with my clients after the sale through value-added communications that include news and tips about homeownership. This consistent outreach ensures we build trusting relationships and give clients a reason to come back to us for their next real estate transaction.


Working together makes our individual businesses stronger. Let's talk about how we can support each other and provide the best customer experience available to our clients.

*Source: PWC's 2019 Home Lending Experience Radar

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