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Guiding Millennials Toward Homeownership

Millennials are now flooding into the real estate market, making them the largest group of today's first-time buyers.[1] But many millennials still feel they don't have what it takes to buy a home.

What's Holding Renters Back from Homeownership?[2]

The truth is, many millennials can afford a home, but they need someone to educate them about the requirements and the process of purchasing one. This represents a huge opportunity for you and me.

Millennial borrowers are looking to us to educate them and help them understand that homeownership is attainable NOW. Working together, you and I can help today's homebuyers fully prepare for this important life milestone, so they can reach their goals confidently and quickly.

Connecting With Today's Homebuyers

I have access to a variety of educational resources that help first-time buyers understand everything that comes with buying a home, from setting a budget to finding a property to long-term home maintenance. You and I can co-brand these materials to position both of us as the trusted experts millennials need. By establishing this relationship before they're ready to buy, we'll be the ones they come to when they're ready to take the leap.


By working together, we can raise the level of our customer service and boost our own profitability at the same time. Contact me today to start exploring new opportunities together!

[1] NAR® Homebuyer and Seller Generational Trends [2] Urban Institute "Barriers to Accessing Homeownership," 2018

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