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The One-Stop-Shop Buyers Want

A 2019 survey of prospective homebuyers revealed that today's consumers are increasingly looking for a one-stop-shop for their homebuying needs.* Rather than letting them stumble from one solution provider to the next, you and I can step up our support of one another to give them the cohesive, best-in-class experience they're looking for.

The high-quality, professional co-branded marketing I have access to through my company is a great way to present ourselves as a unified team. With photos, business logos, and contact info from both of us on each piece, prospects and clients will think of us as a unit that can fulfill all their needs during every transaction.

Here's an example of what our co-branded marketing could look like:


Getting together to discuss other ways to brand ourselves as a team is a smart idea. Let's make a plan to explore even more ways we can increase our business and continue to grow. Give me a call this week to set up a time and place!

*Source: PWC's 2019 Home Lending Experience Radar

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