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Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction

Elevate Your Customer Experience: Part 1 - Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction

As a service professional, you’ve likely prioritized “customer satisfaction” since day one. But have you really evaluated all the opportunities to elevate your customer experience?


Customer satisfaction is a limited measure suitable for simple transactions, like buying a cup of coffee. But buying or selling a home is a complex process with lots of touchpoints, decisions, and potential outcomes. It’s a journey that can’t be described with a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji.


That’s why a better goal to reach for is customer experience: the sum total of all interactions and feelings that make up the homebuying or selling process. This goes beyond whether a single transaction was successful to include whether a customer felt heard and respected, how prepared they felt for each stage of the process, and how much they enjoyed working with you. When customer experience is at the heart of your business strategy, it lays the foundation for lifelong clients and referrals that continue for years to come.

73% of customers believe that customer experience is a deciding factor when making purchasing decisions.

As your partner in the homebuying process, I’m dedicated to working together to deliver a seamless experience for our customers. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing tips about how to elevate the customer experience, and I’m eager to discuss how we can apply these strategies together.

In the meantime, please reach out with any questions or ideas of your own.

*Source: PwC, "Experience is everything: Here's how to get it right," 2018.



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