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Make First Impressions Count

Elevate Your Customer Experience - Part 2: Make First Impressions Count

A customer’s experience with you starts before they even reach out to you. Whether a buyer or seller was referred to you by a past customer or found you through a web search, they’ll likely start by exploring your online presence. Your online presence is your welcome mat, so make sure it’s inviting. Focus on these four things to create a positive online impression:


  • Make sure your website is up to date, easy to navigate, and provides multiple ways to contact you (phone, text, email, contact form).

  • Put your unique value proposition (UVP) front and center, so clients can get a feel for your area of specialization.

  • Create a social media presence that helps customers get to know you and feel connected to you.

  • Respond promptly to all communications, including questions or comments posted to your social media accounts.


A friendly and engaging first impression online will take you a long way with prospective customers. Once you’ve made the initial contact, reinforce their experience with something tangible, such as a handwritten note or a copy of your buyer’s guide. Adding a personal touch builds a memorable connection that can help you stand out from competitors.


Want to make an even stronger first impression? Leverage the power of social capital. Feature your team, partners, and trusted vendors on marketing materials to show that you can provide a turnkey experience for customers. Do you want to discuss ways to better present ourselves as a team?

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