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Cultivate Relationships, Not Sales

Elevate Your Customer Experience: Part 4 - Cultivate Relationships, Not Sales

No one likes a hard sell. If your first response to a customer inquiry is a list of reasons why they should hire you, be prepared for a trail of dust when they run the other direction. A client may be months or even years from making a decision, but in the meantime, they need someone to listen and provide information.

Start by asking questions and listening carefully to understand your client’s needs. Use non-verbal cues to build trust and help them feel comfortable and open. Then, go beyond answering questions by providing additional resources or links to educational materials.

Don't forget to be human. Take time to get to know your customers and find a shared common interest.

When dealing with an upset customer, remain calm and try tactics that can help you work toward a solution together. Think about the difficult scenarios you’ve faced in the past, and then come up with scripts for those trickier conversations.


Buying or selling a home is a huge financial and emotional step, and customers need to trust you before they do business with you. The best way to become a trusted advisor is by focusing on developing the relationship, not completing the sale.



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