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Go the Extra Mile

Elevate Your Customer Experience: Part 5 - Go the Extra Mile

One way to earn customers’ trust is to demonstrate a level of local expertise your competitors can’t touch. Be the person who knows which neighborhoods are the most kid-friendly, or what areas offer a high level of walkability or greenspace.

You can create and share neighborhood guides that highlight unique features and amenities for each area, or post reels of you showing off your favorite local businesses or recreation spots.  This expertise will be particularly valuable in helping homebuyers navigate a tight market.

When customers say, “We really want to live in Area X,” let them know what areas offer the same amenities but with more inventory or lower prices. Help them break down what they like about Area X so you can point them to hidden gems that may be off their radar.

It’s also valuable to keep a pulse on the mortgage industry and follow how rates are affecting your local market. Showing customers you’re tuned in to the mortgage landscape helps build the trust needed to be their go-to expert.



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