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Get More from ChatGPT with Powerful Prompts

Explore the everyday AI that’s changing the game.

Spark: August 2024 edition. Hands on a laptop keyboard with Ai, prompt, and other digital graphics overlaid.

As a real estate professional, you don’t spend much time writing. Or do you? Property descriptions, open house invitations, customer emails, and social media content all take time, and those minutes in front of the keyboard are minutes taken away from customer interactions and networking.

Fortunately, ChatGPT is a free tool that can take a first pass at a lot of your written content, and while you’ll need to edit and refine the results, you’ll gain valuable time back for customer-facing tasks.

Here are three key areas where ChatGPT can lessen your writing workload … as long as you know what to ask.

1. Property Descriptions

This is one of the simplest ChatGPT prompts to master. Start with the basics, but take advantage of ChatGPT’s ability to incorporate its own research.

Basic Prompt: “Write a property description for a 2,200 square-foot house in Cedar Park, TX. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage, and an open floorplan. It’s in walking distance to the elementary school.”

Better Prompt: Start with the above but add: “The school is Smith Elementary School in Austin ISD. Search the web for information about the school and district, and add that in. Search the web for fun things to do in Cedar Park and add in three.”

2. Branding Statements

Type in “Help me write a branding statement,” and ChatGPT will provide an outline of ideas and questions. Enter your responses in any order, then add more about yourself until you get a statement that resonates.

Basic Prompt: “I’m a Chicago-area real estate agent with 15 years of experience. I love to help first-time homebuyers and empty nesters find their perfect homes. I was born and raised in this area and know the market well.”

Better Prompt: Add in, “I have a great sense of humor, and I love to garden. I own two rescue dogs. I have helped a lot of homebuyers relocate from the city of Chicago to neighboring suburbs.”

3. Social Media

If you struggle to post consistently, ChatGPT can revitalize your online presence by creating campaign ideas, content calendars, captions, and more. You can even ask for a month’s worth of posts on a topic, and ChatGPT will create all the posts, including hashtags.

Basic Prompt: “Create a 30-day calendar of posts for National Homeownership Month.”

Better Prompt: Add in, “Ideas include congratulating recent homebuyers, encouraging renters to buy, and talking about how homeownership builds wealth. Search the web for statistics on current homebuying trends and include those. Include three posts of homebuying trivia.”


Important Considerations

No matter what you’ve heard, ChatGPT is not a copy-and-paste content machine. Aside from the ethical considerations of presenting AI-generated content as human-generated (and there are many), ChatGPT will include information that’s redundant, irrelevant, or flat-out wrong. It can’t filter for taste or tone, and it’s never a substitute for human judgment. Make sure you are the final author of everything you put your name to!


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