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4 Strategies You Need to Reach the Millennial Market

Millennials. There's been a lot of talk lately about the importance of understanding this generation — and with good reason. With over $200 billion of buying power and an overwhelming amount of social clout, millennials are changing the rules of traditional consumer behavior. So, if you want to win over the business of America's twenty and thirty-somethings, you'll have to adapt to their ways of communicating.

A Quick Look at...

How to Reach Millennials

No matter what you're selling, below are some pointers that can help you successfully position your products or services to reach the millennial market.

​​​​Go Digital.

​​​​Technology has been woven into the millennial lifestyle since childhood, making them more connected than ever. It's what they believe makes them unique, and 74% of millennials feel that new technology makes their lives easier. That means, if you want to earn their business, you've got to use technology to connect with them. Look for software that helps eliminate paperwork and automates your sales process, especially if paperwork is cumbersome. Technology not only simplifies tasks on your end but also provides convenience to the consumer, which is a major selling point for millennials.

​​​​Get Social.

​​Over three-fourths of millennials are on social media and use it as a platform to connect with brands, making it a great place for you to engage and educate. And because it's a two-way street, it provides a channel to strengthen customer relationships and develop brand loyalty. What's more, when companies go above and beyond to wow their customers, you can bet millennials are sharing those stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and other social platforms.

​​Communicate In Real-Time.

​​Thanks to smartphones and the internet, millennials are constantly receiving information in real-time, and that's what they expect from brands who want their business. How can you keep up with the pace? Use texting to send quick updates, which millennials prefer over phone calls. You can even purchase an SMS text messaging service if you want to send texts to larger groups at the same time — just be sure to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements. And don't forget about email, which remains one of the most effective ways to reach millennials. Automated email triggers can keep your customers informed in real-time without you having to having to lift a finger. The key takeaway? Offer speed and convenience through channels that they connect with.

​​Be Authentic.

​​​​It's true that millennials have 24/7 access to information, but what can you offer them that Google, Zillow, or Mint can't? Even with the millions of how-to articles, consumer reviews, and interactive calculators to help guide buying decisions, nothing beats talking to a person with genuine knowledge and experience. Millennials crave authenticity, and when you position yourself as the trusted expert they need, they'll come to you when they have questions that can't be answered elsewhere. Be authentic, be available, and know your stuff.

Millennials are shaping the future of how we buy and sell, and it's important now more than ever to keep up with the changes. When you understand your primary market and adapt your business to what works for them, you'll have much greater chances for success.

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