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How to Create a Winning Instagram Profile

As with any professional social media account, you’ll want to create a separate Instagram account reserved specifically for business use. Here are the elements of a winning IG profile:

A good username: Your username is important because it becomes a part of your brand. It will appear on every post, in your URL (, and will be the means by which followers will identify and engage with you. Keep it simple (and professional) and go with something recognizable, like your first and last name or a couple words describing your business niche.

A nice headshot: Remember, this is your professional profile, so avoid casual selfies. Have a friend or colleague snap a quality image of you with an attractive backdrop. If you’re representing your small business or branch, you could use your logo instead, but steer clear of corporate logos that don’t represent your personal brand.

A brief bio: In 150 characters or less, describe who you are, what you offer, and what makes you unique. If you already have a brand statement, your IG bio is the perfect place to repurpose it.

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