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4 Goals to Help You Finish the Year Strong

Get your second wind for part two of 2024.

Spark: July 2024 edition

It’s hard to believe, but 2024 is more than halfway over. It’s the perfect time to check in on the goals you set back in January. Are you on track to meet them? If not, don’t beat yourself up! Just take some time now to refocus on your top priorities. Here are some areas to think about.

1. Networking

Your business partners can help you reach your goals, but only if you ask them. Block out time on your calendar to connect with your peers, mentors, and other thought leaders, so you can discuss specific challenges and look for new opportunities.

2. Lead Generation

An open laptop with graphics and metrics on its screen.

Your business can’t grow without a continual supply of leads. Check that you’re making the most of your CRM’s functions, and create gated content (like free tools or e-books) to drive more traffic to your website, social media, and email lists.

3. Team Building

Do you have the operational support you need, and are you making the most of each person’s talents? Take stock of your strengths and the areas where you add the most value, then look for people who can fill in the gaps. If you’re at your best working one-on-one with customers, have someone else handle social media. You may have an existing employee looking to grow professionally, and that could create a win-win scenario for both of you.

4. Customer Engagement

A smiling woman wearing a yellow shirt, glasses, and looking at her phone.

Leads need to be nurtured, or they’ll grow cold. Automated marketing is a great way to keep a prospect engaged, but a personal touchpoint from you may be the thing that gets them from mildly interested to sitting at the closing table. Topics may include changes to sales prices or interest rates, or just a general question about where this person is in their home search. Set specific goals on how many leads you want to contact each week or month, and create a tracker to keep yourself accountable.




KEY INSIGHT "You won't always get what you strive for, but you will definitely get what you settle for. You won't magically outperform your standards." — James Clear



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