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Need help boosting your social media presence this summer?

Between a hot housing market and an ocean of summer activities at our fingertips, we’ve got plenty of things vying for our attention this season. While you’re busy balancing work and play, thinking about what to post on social media may be the last thing on your mind.

But allowing your social media engagement to cool down could be more of a summer bummer than falling asleep on the beach without sunscreen. (Ouch!) If you need a little SPF for your social channels this summer, consider yourself covered. Here are several ideas to help you stay active on social media while boosting engagement and brand awareness.

Want to show off your expertise in your local market or generate interest in a new part of town? Tout your knowledge by sharing informative tidbits about different neighborhoods, such as the history, amenities, and current market activity. But instead of posting mundane facts, create a mascot that your audience can follow around town. It can be a person, an object, or even an animal, like your favorite pet. In this scenario, our mascot will be ice cream, because it’s summer, and who doesn’t love ice cream? Post a picture weekly of an ice cream cone in a recognizable locale, such as a park, a shopping district, or even a popular street. In the caption, provide hints about the neighborhood without giving away the location. Include #followthecone (or insert your mascot’s name) to associate each post with this campaign. Followers then get to guess which neighborhood you’re in and earn bragging rights for choosing correctly. (Bonus if they can guess your ice cream flavor.)

Looking to fill your pipeline with new leads? Offering an incentive in exchange for people’s information is an easy way to do this. The key is to choose a prize that people feel is a valuable trade-off for their personal data. For example, ask people to sign up for your email list for a chance to win a gift card to a home improvement store. At the end of the giveaway period, announce who the lucky winner is. Be sure to feature the winner in a new post so they can enjoy a moment in the spotlight. Now you have a list of new leads to market to. How easy was that?

Got a new listing you want to promote? Instead of leading with a hard sell, weave it into value-added content to generate buzz and excitement. Even better, get your followers to post user-generated content (UGC) to really boost engagement and get more views of your property.

Here’s how: Post a photo of the new home’s outdoor living area. Make sure it’s staged and looks like a picture out of a magazine. (You could do this with the interior instead if there’s no outdoor space to play up). In the caption, list the five must-haves for an amazing outdoor patio. Be sure those items are in your picture. For example: lighting, seating, plants, shade, and accessories.

Next, invite your audience to share a picture of their backyard oasis and like your post or tag a friend. You could turn it into another giveaway* (e.g., a gift card for the best-looking patio) or offer bragging rights for the photo with the most likes.

At the bottom of your post, do a plug for your new listing: “Don’t have the patio you’re looking for? This house does. Check out the listing here.”

Creating well-thought-out campaigns is an integral part of achieving social media success. But not everything you post needs to be complex or even business-specific. Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple. Try these ideas for a quick and easy way to engage your audience.



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