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What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Up your social media game w

Stand out from the crowd with a strong start.

Spark: April 2024 Edition

If you were in a room of potential clients, how many could you land in 15 minutes? With a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) in place, you’d be ready for the challenge.


UVPs are short, clear statements of who you help, problems you solve, and differentiators that set you apart. In addition to appearing on your website and social media, it should be your go-to pitch when meeting new clients.


The key to a UVP is that it should be specific, concise, and relevant. Customers should be able to read and understand it in about five seconds. That’s not much time, but with some creativity and practice, you can do it!


These three steps will get you started:


What are your competitors doing, and how are you better? Start by conducting a competitive analysis to pull this information together.


Identify your typical customer and their needs. Who do you work with most often, and what are their goals, obstacles and stressors?


Explain how you excel at solving specific homebuying challenges and back that up with information unique to you, like your reputation, specializations, experience, and resources.

Putting it all together

A professional giving advice to a client

Your UVP is a combination of your strengths and the typical customer’s needs. The simplest formula is “I help (A) do (B) by (C),” but you’re not limited to that format.


Here are some examples:

“I help first-time homebuyers understand and navigate the market by focusing on customer education and personalized service throughout the process.”
“Drawing on my 15 years in this community, I help buyers find their ideal home by matching them to up-and-coming neighborhoods that many agents don’t know about.”


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KEY INSIGHT "In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible." — Seth Godin



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