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Elevate Your Brand Experience with Video

In the classic movie “Singin’ In the Rain,” the arrival of talking pictures threatens a silent film studio’s survival until (in true Hollywood style) a plucky young showgirl and precipitation-loving leading man hit upon an obvious solution: Take advantage of sound’s capabilities and add singing to their next movie!

Your customers aren’t expecting you to dancelike Gene Kelly or sing like Debbie Reynolds, butt hey are looking to connect with you through today’s version of the silver screen: digital video content. Today’s consumers look to videos to engage with their favorite brands, educate themselves on products and services, and make buying decisions. By incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, you’re providing the content most likely to form strong customer relationships.

Video is a powerhouse when it comes to boosting customer engagement and showcasing the human element in your brand. Better still, it gives you a platform to educate customers without making them scroll through endless pages of text, which is appealing to anyone who preferred watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes smolder in “Romeo + Juliet” instead of reading the original Shakespeare. (So, pretty much everyone.)

And in terms of clear metrics, videos are a clear win when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), aka the unicorn of digital marketing. Videos keep customers on your page longer and are more likely to be shared with others, which gets your brand to the top of the coveted search engine scroll.

The question isn’t “Should I be using video?” It’s “How can I get started using video?” And we’ve got you covered there. Read on and find out how to become a video marketing superstar!


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