September 30, 2020

Overview: A return to lockdown measures in many countries due to an increase in coronavirus cases was favorable for mortgage rates over the past week, while the U.S. economic data had little impact. Rates declined slightly and are close to record low levels.

For months,...

September 23, 2020

Overview: The economic data released over the past week, while quite strong, had little impact on mortgage markets. It was a relatively quiet period, and rates again held steady close to record-low levels.

The housing market continues to experience a swift rebound in ac...

September 16, 2020

Overview: Neither the Federal Reserve meeting nor the economic data had much impact on mortgage markets over the past week. Rates again ended little changed, close to record-low levels.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Fed officials confirmed what most investors had anticipated...

September 10, 2020

Sales of large homes are up.

Mortgage origination volume projected to hit $3.4 trillion this year — the highest level since ’03 [7] 


[1] Redfin, August 2020.

[2] National Association of Home Builders, Home Building Geography Index, Q2 2020.

[3] Natio...

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